Happy Hatching Focus- Fully Automatic Egg Incubator with Led Candler

EZ Simply is the most advised for you if you are looking for an incubator with high capacity and LED candler. This egg incubator can house up to 12 chick eggs at once. It comes with plenty of accessories that make your egg-laying process easier. For instance, this egg incubator includes an automatic egg turner capable of turning the eggs every 2 hours. In addition to its egg turning capacity, it also includes a hygrometer and thermometer for measuring humidity and temperature, which is rare in many of the products.

High-quality Material: 

EZSimply incubator comes with an automatic egg turner made from ABS material that makes it more durable and ensures the egg incubator’s integrity. The device is light in weight and compact for storage. The device has an easy-to-read LED digital display screen for viewing and monitoring your eggs.

Steady conditions for incubation:

This egg hatching incubator provides a safe and healthy environment for embryos development. The automatic temperature control regulates the temperature while the automatic egg rotates the eggs every 2 hours. The LED digital display provides you with the required statistics to ensure all of the eggs are maintaining a healthy growth process.

Best Design:  

Hatching Eggs using Egg Incubator can optimize your hatch rate. It is smaller in size that makes it more user-friendly and portable. Moreover, a built-in LED egg candler is also a plus. It features a humidity alarm, LED display, a thermometer to detect low or high temperature, automatic temperature control, and an alarm system.

Easy maintenance:

This egg incubator contains four main parts: egg tray, water tank, top cover, and grill. You can clean these parts to ensure the proper functioning of your egg incubator. Hatching Eggs can be very rewardingwith this user-friendly device that is ideal for all types of eggs, whether it is chick or duck.


The best thing about this device is that it is a very efficient and practical device; even beginner can use it easily. It can hold 12 chick eggs and is designed to fit 9 duck eggs, 24 pigeon eggs, and 35 quail eggs.

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