Egg Incubator for 9 Eggs

Hatch eggs right in your own home with this efficient egg Incubator! It is a small device that will fit almost anywhere in your home. Whether it is for a poultry business or a home hobby, hatching eggs can be a really rewarding activity to do.

This egg incubator makes it simple for you to successfully optimize your hatch rate. Note: Hatching time varies per breed; chickens: 21 days, ducks: 28 days, pigeon: 18 days, quail: 18 days.

Designed to stabilize temperature and humidity levels automatically and rotate your eggs every two hours for even heat distribution. The top features an LCD screen to easily check temperature or records of the incubation period, an egg candler to verify the progression of your eggs, and a clear viewing window to physically see your eggs.

It is the perfect device for beginners or more experienced users. It is also equipped with an alarm to indicate if the temperature or humidity levels are low or high. Can be quickly removed and cleaned between uses to ensure the proper functioning of your device.

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  • Smart Design – Our Incubators for hatching eggs provide a consistent and safe environment for the development of the embryos. It features an LCD display, low noise fan, ceramic heater, a safer power outlet, automatic temperature control, and portability
  • Quality Materials – Your eggs are safe with our incubators. Made with ABS-material that is durable, high-functioning, and efficient. Our condiment containers with lids also have an energy-saving feature
  • Stable Incubation Conditions – Regulates incubation temperature and humidity while the egg incubator turner automatically rotates the eggs every two hours.
  • Easy to Clean – Taking out any dirt is easy as our food storage containers are easy to clean. Any dirt can be taken out of the blister tray. Make sure to clean this pantry organizers and storage frequently
  • Perfect Size – Our egg incubator hatcher is designed to fit 9 eggs: duck, pigeon, quail, and other types of birds. Our food storage organizers are beginner-friendly as well


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