Smart Egg Incubator

A smart egg incubator is a device that artificially performs the role of a hen. It regulates the temperature and maintains a perfect humidity level to create ideal conditions. This allows the chicks to grow inside the fertilized egg without the hen. 

Did you know that incubators are more successful at hatching eggs than hens? One hen can hatch 20 to 30 eggs each year whereas an incubator can hatch up to 200 to 300 eggs and even more. External factors affect the hatching cycle. The hen can get distracted as well, leaving the eggs in the cold.

How Does It Work?

Hatching eggs using incubator is simple. This mechanical device features a motor a fan that maintains the right temperature level inside. It’s important to keep the incubator at a constant level. Other than this, the incubator must be kept inside in a room where the temperature does not drop too low.

Eggs are placed inside the incubator and they must be turned 3 times a day. Don’t worry, if you are using a smart egg incubator, you don’t have to open the case and turn them manually. The incubator turns them automatically. Water must be added to the incubator for maintaining the right humidity levels. 

If you are interested in buying an egg incubator, then it’s best to go for a smart egg incubator because it takes care of the egg turning. Some incubators also come with advanced features that make the hatching process easier than ever. Wait for 21 days and the chicks will be ready to hatch. Keep an eye on the condition of the eggs from the case of the incubator. If you do everything right, the eggs will hatch successfully. 

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